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Offer #2 $129 New Patient cleaning visit which includes cleaning (if not periodontal disease), check up x-rays and examination

***NEW Botox & Juvederm Treatments***

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***NEW We Offer and Place Dental Implants***

We are excited to announce that Dr. Skovron now places dental implants. In the past, patients had to visit an oral surgeon first to have the dental implant placed and then coe back to our office to have the final restoration put on.  Now in one convenient location you can have your dental implants placed all in the same office. Dr. Skovron has completed intensive training with leading dental implant instructors.   So if you have missing teeth, need to secure your dentures or want a complete smile makeover we can help.



Beth Skovron

Mission StatementWe are a team of highly trained, extremely compassionate dental professionals with over 100 years experience. We provide comprehensive State of the Art Dentistry with VIP service in a Spa atmosphere. We provide this for patients who appreciate excellent dentistry and all it has to offer.  Dr. Beth Skovron


  At Heritage Dental your comfort is our top priority. You will experience a level of pampering and peace of mind unsurpassed by any other dental organization. It is our mission to help you relax and feel in control.

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Anxiety Relief:  We at Heritage Dental consider ourselves to be experts at dealing with the “anxious patient”. We provide options to help even the most fearful person get through dental treatment. These include relaxation techniques, empathetic well trained staff, Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) and Valium.

Nitrous Oxide (“laughing gas”):  We provide the option of Nitrous Oxide, also known as “laughing gas”, to help relax you during your dental treatment. We have the newest and most modern system in place to deliver that to you. Dr. Skovron has special training and maintains a license to be able to offer this to her patients.

Waterfall:  Relax in our reception area with dim lighting, herbal tea; look and listen to our water wall. The sounds will soothe you and take you away to a calm peaceful place.

Spa feeling:  We have created a spa like atmosphere in our Montgomeryville dental office to relax and pamper you. When you walk in, you will not feel like you are in a dental office. Come in to experience our unique approach to dentistry.




Parafin Wax: Indulge in a moisturizing aromatherapy paraffin treatment for your hands. You will leave with wonderfully soft hands.

Neck warmers:
  Upon arrival, especially during the cold weather, you will be offered a warm aromatherapy neck wrap. These feel amazingly soothing on your shoulders and neck.

Warm Facial Towels:
  At the completion of your dental treatment, we provide you with a refreshing warm lemon scented towel to freshen up.
Treatment by the team  At Heritage Dental you will be treated with utmost respect; Like a member of our family. VIP Service is our hallmark here. We will do everything to relax you, reduce your fears and pamper you.

Digital X-ray:  Digital X-rays are used instead of conventional X-rays. These will provide a safer environment for you by reducing the amount of radiation you are exposed to by up to 90%. Digital X-rays provide faster and more accurate digitized results for better diagnosis.

Protective glasses:  During treatment you will be given tinted, light weight safety glasses to protect your eyes and block out our bright light.

Blankets and pillows:  Each room has a comfy blanket and pillow with cover (always laundered fresh) which you can use to keep you feeling warm and secure and support your neck.

Water Purity:
Concerned about water purity? Have you been watching one too many installments of "20-20 takes 20 shots at dental offices"? Well... rest easy. We use bottled spring water through ALL of our dental equipment and spouts; Even the drill is cooled with bottled water! This point-of-source water bottle is just ONE method we use to ensure that the water we use is cleaner than the water you drink... bottled or not!

Mercury Free:  They endure great biting force every day, and as they wear, both their appearance and function degrade. Often, the edges of silver fillings break down over time causing a small space between filling and tooth. When this occurs, your tooth is no longer sealed and protected from cavity. Food and BACTERIA can become trapped in this space, enabling cavities to form unchecked.

Heritage Dental is dedicated to providing our patients with modern alternatives to mercury / amalgam fillings. These include composite or white fillings and the latest Porcelain/Ceramics. When we recommend replacement of your worn fillings we'll consider both the size of the filling and the amount of healthy tooth structure that remains in choosing what is best for you.

Flat screen
Follow up with patients: We make it a point to speak with you after dental treatment and check on how well you are doing. We also make sure that we have a live person to answer the phones 24/7 to handle any emergencies you may have.

Schedule Appointment via email: We are all very busy and we want to make it as easy as possible on you. We invite you to email us through our website for a preferred dental appointment and time. We will handle the rest of the details for you.