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Spa Amenities


Waterfall:  Relax in our reception area with dim lighting, herbal tea; look and listen to our water wall. The sounds will soothe you and take you away to a calm peaceful place.


Spa feeling:  We have created a spa like atmosphere in our Montgomeryville dental office to relax and pamper you. When you walk in, you will not feel like you are in a dental office. Come in to experience our unique approach to dentistry.



  • Reception area

       • We invite you to sample all of our latest massage devices in the reception area to help you relax; We have chair massagers, back and shoulder massagers and foot massagers, even reflexology.

  • On the chair

       • Once back in the treatment rooms, each chair is equipped with massage pads with or without heat. This will feel wonderful while undergoing dental treatment.


Parafin Wax: Indulge in a moisturizing aromatherapy paraffin treatment for your hands. You will leave with wonderfully soft hands.


Neck warmers:  Upon arrival, especially during the cold weather, you will be offered a warm aromatherapy neck wrap. These feel amazingly soothing on your shoulders and neck.


Warm Facial Towels:  At the completion of your dental treatment, we provide you with a refreshing warm lemon scented towel to freshen up.
Treatment by the team  At Heritage Dental you will be treated with utmost respect; Like a member of our family. VIP Service is our hallmark here. We will do everything to relax you, reduce your fears and pamper you.


Digital X-ray:  Digital X-rays are used instead of conventional X-rays. These will provide a safer environment for you by reducing the amount of radiation you are exposed to by up to 90%. Digital X-rays provide faster and more accurate digitized results for better diagnosis.


Protective glasses:  During treatment you will be given tinted, light weight safety glasses to protect your eyes and block out our bright light.


Blankets and pillows:  Each room has a comfy blanket and pillow with cover (always laundered fresh) which you can use to keep you feeling warm and secure and support your neck.


Water Purity: Concerned about water purity? Have you been watching one too many installments of "20-20 takes 20 shots at dental offices"? Well... rest easy. We use bottled spring water through ALL of our dental equipment and spouts; Even the drill is cooled with bottled water! This point-of-source water bottle is just ONE method we use to ensure that the water we use is cleaner than the water you drink... bottled or not!