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Why might I consider all-on-four dental implants for smile restoration?

If you need to replace missing teeth, you may feel overwhelmed by the choices available to you. There are many ways in which the smile can be restored, thanks to continued advances in restorative dentistry. At Heritage Dental, we may recommend dental implants, or tooth implants, for full arch reconstruction and replacing one or several teeth in a row. The entire smile can be restored effectively with all-on-four dental implants.

What are all-on-four dental implants?

Dr. Beth Skovron of Heritage Dental in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, describes all-on-four dental implants as a revolutionary way to replace several missing teeth. These implants are designed to provide a stable, secure, and long-lasting solution for those who suffer from extensive tooth loss.

The all-on-four procedure involves the placement of four dental implant posts into the jawbone. These posts act as artificial roots, supporting an entire arch of new, custom-crafted porcelain dentures that look and feel like natural teeth. This innovative technique is less extensive than traditional implant treatments, requiring fewer appointments and faster healing times. In addition, all-on-four dental implants can be used with existing bridges or dentures to restore lost functionality and improve aesthetic results.

What are the advantages of all-on-four dental implants?

The benefits of all-on-four implants are numerous:

  • Dental implants provide a more natural look and feel while providing superior stability and durability when compared to traditional dentures or bridges
  • All-on-four dental implants can improve oral health by preventing the jawbone recession that occurs with missing teeth
  • Dental implants preserve existing bone structure
  • Dental implants do not require special care instructions like traditional dentures

Am I a candidate for all-on-four dental implants to replace missing teeth?

At Heritage Dental, we strive to provide our patients with the best possible treatments for their smile restoration needs. All-on-four dental implants offer a revolutionary solution that is both effective and long-lasting. If you have multiple missing teeth and would like to learn more about all-on-four dental implants, call us today to schedule an appointment. Our spa-like office is open to new and returning patients at 595 Bethlehem Pike, Suite #302, and can be reached by phone at (215) 792-2227.


Why consider All-on-Four dental implants?

If you’re overwhelmed by tooth replacement options, consider All-on-Four implants for a stable, natural-looking smile restoration. Get back your confidence with fewer appointments and faster healing at Heritage Dental.

What are All-on-Four dental implants?

All-on-Four implants at Heritage Dental involve just four posts supporting a complete set of teeth. Enjoy the stability and durability of artificial roots while preserving your jawbone and enhancing the aesthetics of your smile.

What are the advantages of All-on-Four dental implants?

Experience the natural look and feel of dental implants while preventing jawbone recession. With All-on-Four, enjoy superior stability, durability, and oral health without the hassle of special care instructions.

Am I a candidate for All-on-Four dental implants?

If you have multiple missing teeth, All-on-Four implants could be your solution. Visit our spa-like office at Heritage Dental to explore this revolutionary treatment for long-lasting smile restoration.

How can I schedule an appointment for All-on-Four dental implants?

Discover the transformative benefits of All-on-Four dental implants at Heritage Dental. Call (215) 792-2227 to schedule your appointment and regain confidence in your smile today!

Dr. Beth Skovron, Heritage Dental, PA

Dr. Beth Skovron, DDS, FAGD, is a distinguished State University of New York graduate at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine. With advanced training in oral surgery and therapeutic procedures, she embodies a legacy of dentistry—both her father and uncle were dentists, while her mother was a dental hygienist. Dr. Skovron's passion for dentistry extends to creating a serene, spa-like environment for patients. Renowned for her expertise in cosmetic reconstructions, she is a certified CEREC® mentor and a graduate of the prestigious SPEAR® program. Trust Dr. Skovron to provide exceptional dental care, integrating cutting-edge techniques to ensure a comfortable and stress-free experience during your visit.

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