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At Heritage Dental in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, we know that visiting the dental office can be nerve-wracking for many individuals with dental anxiety. Fortunately, we focus on offering high-quality, comprehensive dental care and making each appointment a positive experience. We understand that by integrating certain comforts into our practice, we can assist patients in feeling relaxed and more at ease during their time with us. We have what we call a “Comfort Menu” of services you can request while relaxing in the dentist’s chair. Some of our Comfort Menu selections include:

Dental Room

In-Office Guest Wi-Fi

In-Office Guest Wi-Fi. We know that staying connected is important in today’s world, and we are pleased to offer in-office guest Wi-Fi for your use. The network to connect is “HER,” and the password is “123smile.”


Refreshment Center

Refreshment Center. We have a refreshment center available in the reception area for your convenience. Feel free to grab a soda, coffee, or water while waiting for your appointment.

Girl is Wearing Neck Pillow

Neck Pillow

Neck Pillow. We offer warm aromatherapy neck pillows to ensure you are comfortable in the dentist’s chair and are put at ease with hand-selected oils designed to ease dental fears and anxieties. We provide cool neck pillows in the summer to help you beat the heat!

Painful Hand

Paraffin Hand Treatment

Paraffin Hand Treatment. Want a spa-like experience while relaxing in the dentist’s chair? We offer disposable paraffin treatment gloves for the hands to soften hands while you’re having necessary dental work completed.

Girl is Wearing Eye Mask

Disposable Steam Eye Mask

Disposable Steam Eye Mask. There’s nothing to see while our dental team is at work on your smile, so why not enjoy a warm eye mask to get that spa-like feeling while having your teeth cleaned or that cavity filled? The mask also helps to protect your eyes from our dental light, which is used to help us see where treatment is needed.

Girl is Drinking Something

Cuddly Blankets

Cuddly Blankets. Feel like a mid-day rest? During your treatment, we provide warm blankets that you can use to stay warm and feel comfortable from start to finish!

Soft Ear Plug

Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs. Sometimes, patients are uneasy about the sounds and sights of the dental office. With disposable soft ear plugs to help deaden the sound of the dentist’s drill and help you zone out for a short period.

Chair Massage In Clinic

Chair Massage

Chair Massage. Once you are comfortable in our treatment chair, you can access a chair massage pad that you can control during your appointment. The pad offers vibrating massage and heat that can completely relax you for your visit.

Lady Patient in Clinic

Protective Glasses

Protective Glasses. If you choose not to utilize the disposable steam eye mask and instead want protective glasses to address glare from the light and any possible water splashes during treatment, you can request sterile plastic protective glasses to wear.


Homemade Lip Balm

Homemade Lip Balm. Keeping the mouth open for extended periods can cause dry lips during treatments. To help replenish any lost moisture, we offer a homemade lip balm application at the end of each visit.


End of Visit Towel

End of Visit Towel. When your treatment is complete, you can request a warm lemon or lavender freshen-up towel from our team for your face and hands. We know that integrating essential oils and aromatherapy into our patient’s treatments can have a wonderful, lasting effect long after they leave our office!

Girl is Happy 2

End of Visit Water and Medication

End of Visit Water and Medication. If you have had a long or intensive appointment with our team, we provide you with a bottle of water and Tylenol or Advil to ease any discomfort which may occur as the day progresses.

Are you ready for a spa-like experience at your dental office?

If so, now is the perfect time to connect with Dr. Beth Skovron and her team at Heritage Dental. Patients in and around the Montgomeryville, PA, area can connect with our team to enjoy any of the offerings on our comfort menu during their visit to the dentist’s chair. The office is conveniently located at 595 Bethlehem Pike, Suite #302, and is open to new and current patients who call (215) 792-2227 to request an appointment at our facility.

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