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What is restoration dentistry?

Dental reconstruction or restoration is achieved with many different services. At Heritage Dental, we are committed to evaluating patients and making safe and reliable recommendations to restore the smile. We have a wide range of treatments that can be performed to help you achieve your smile goals, along with general, cosmetic, and restoration dentistry.

What dental restoration services are available with Dr. Beth Skovron and her team?

Our team at Heritage Dental of Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, is pleased to offer the following dental reconstruction and restorative dentistry services:

  • 3D-guided dental implants. Dental implants play a vital role in tooth replacement and can be used to help people restore their smiles. Our team offers 3D-guided dental implants designed to provide superior strength and accuracy for optimal results.
  • Dental fillings. We offer tooth-colored composite fillings to ensure your smile looks natural and lasts for years. We do not place silver amalgam fillings but provide safe removal and replacement at our holistic dental office.
  • SureSmile aligner orthodontics. Instead of using metal brackets and wires to achieve smile alignment, our team at Heritage Dental encourages you to consider the advantages of clear aligner tray therapies such as ClearCorrect. Realigning the teeth is easy with this treatment while preserving the natural smile and avoiding the placement of metal appliances over the teeth.
  • CEREC one-visit dental crowns. Dental crowns are the ideal option for restoring damaged teeth. These porcelain restorations cover the exposed tooth and provide an extra layer of both strength and protection for the natural tooth underneath. Our practice is pleased to offer same-day restorations thanks to the use of CEREC, our CAD/CAM device used in-office to create dental restorations while patients wait.
  • Dental bridges. Dental bridges are created using dental crowns fused to false teeth called pontics. This single restoration replaces one or more teeth in a row and uses the adjacent teeth for support. This is one of several ways to replace missing teeth.
  • Composite resin. Composite resin can be used as a dental bonding to repair chipped, cracked, or gapped teeth or may be used as a filling material for a tooth with decay. It is made to match the existing tooth structure to blend in.

Call Heritage Dental today!

Contact Dr. Beth Skovron and her team by calling (215) 792-2227 to make an appointment at the office conveniently located in Montgomeryville, PA, at 595 Bethlehem Pike, Suite #302. The office serves patients in and around Lansdale and Horsham, PA.

Dr. Beth Skovron, Heritage Dental, PA

Dr. Beth Skovron, DDS, FAGD, is a distinguished State University of New York graduate at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine. With advanced training in oral surgery and therapeutic procedures, she embodies a legacy of dentistry—both her father and uncle were dentists, while her mother was a dental hygienist. Dr. Skovron's passion for dentistry extends to creating a serene, spa-like environment for patients. Renowned for her expertise in cosmetic reconstructions, she is a certified CEREC® mentor and a graduate of the prestigious SPEAR® program. Trust Dr. Skovron to provide exceptional dental care, integrating cutting-edge techniques to ensure a comfortable and stress-free experience during your visit.

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