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The Ease, Beauty, and Durability of CEREC one-visit crowns

Many dental offices in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, provide patients with dental crowns. However, they often require several visits to complete. Instead, our team at Heritage Dental offers one-visit dental crowns, which saves time, energy, and money for everyone involved!

How are CEREC one-visit crowns different from traditional lab creation?

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At Heritage Dental, we use computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to design and construct custom crowns in our office. This means you can get your dental crown exactly how you want it with minimal wait times and no extra trips to the practice.

Our experienced dentist, Dr. Beth Skovron, has years of experience providing one-visit crowns for her patients. She takes great pride in her impeccable patient care, ensuring that each patient feels comfortable and supported throughout the entire process. CEREC one-visit crowns are made from high-quality materials to last years with proper care. They are just as strong as lab-created restorations, making them the more desirable choice for many individuals.

What can I expect during my crown appointment?

CEREC one-visit crowns make the entire process faster and easier! We start with a consultation to learn more about your dental history and treatment goals. After that, Dr. Skovron will prepare your teeth and take digital impressions of the affected area. She will then use CAD/CAM technology to design a customized crown that is shaped and sized perfectly for your mouth. She’ll place the one-visit crown in your mouth, ensuring it fits comfortably and is aesthetically pleasing. You can then go about your daily activities with complete confidence immediately after your visit!

Schedule a visit with Dr. Beth Skovron of Heritage Dental today!

If you are looking for a dental office in Montgomeryville, PA, that provides one-visit crowns, look no further than Heritage Dental. With our advanced technology and experienced dentist on staff, you can complete your restorations in a single appointment. Call (215) 792-2227 to request a visit to our facility, located at 595 Bethlehem Pike, Suite #302, and learn more about our many services. We serve patients in and around the communities of Lansdale, Horsham, Doylestown, Chalfont, North Wales, Hatfield, and Warrington.


What makes CEREC One-Visit Crowns stand out?

CEREC crowns offer convenience and efficiency! Unlike traditional crowns, ours are crafted in a single visit using advanced CAD/CAM technology, saving you time and hassle.

How do CEREC One-Visit Crowns differ from traditional lab-made crowns?

At Heritage Dental, we skip the multiple visits. Our expert, Dr. Beth Skovron, designs and places your custom crown in just one appointment, thanks to cutting-edge technology.

What’s the process like for getting a CEREC One-Visit Crown?

It’s simple! After a consultation, Dr. Skovron prepares your tooth, takes digital impressions, and crafts your crown on-site. No waiting, no discomfort—just a perfect fit from the get-go.

Why choose Heritage Dental for one-visit crowns?

Experience the ease and quality of CEREC crowns with Dr. Skovron at Heritage Dental. Our office in Montgomeryville, PA, ensures top-notch care and immediate results.

Ready for a hassle-free dental solution?

Say goodbye to multiple appointments! Call (215) 792-2227 to schedule your visit with Dr. Beth Skovron at Heritage Dental today. Enjoy one-visit crowns in Montgomeryville, PA, and nearby areas.

Dr. Beth Skovron, Heritage Dental, PA

Dr. Beth Skovron, DDS, FAGD, is a distinguished State University of New York graduate at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine. With advanced training in oral surgery and therapeutic procedures, she embodies a legacy of dentistry—both her father and uncle were dentists, while her mother was a dental hygienist. Dr. Skovron's passion for dentistry extends to creating a serene, spa-like environment for patients. Renowned for her expertise in cosmetic reconstructions, she is a certified CEREC® mentor and a graduate of the prestigious SPEAR® program. Trust Dr. Skovron to provide exceptional dental care, integrating cutting-edge techniques to ensure a comfortable and stress-free experience during your visit.

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