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Feel Confident in Your Treatment with a Complimentary Second Opinion at Heritage Dental

We understand sometimes you wonder whether the treatment your doctor has recommended is the best for you. We welcome you to Heritage Dental for a complimentary second opinion. Rather than face your dental conundrum alone, Dr. Beth Skovron and the team are happy to offer free second opinions to help you feel informed and confident about your treatment options. So, if you need clarification about the diagnosis or treatment recommended, please schedule an appointment with our Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, office. 

Why you may need a second opinion 

Getting a second opinion often occurs when given a serious diagnosis or treatment option. When you come for your free second opinion, please carry your x-ray images and diagnosis to help us make an informed decision. 

Following are some examples of why you may need a second opinion.

  • When given a major diagnosis, like mouth cancer
  • When you’ve received previous dental work, and the problem exists
  • When you doubt whether your current dentist can treat your condition
  • When unsure whether the treatment recommended is really necessary
  • When significant treatment costs are involved
  • When you feel like you weren’t given alternative treatment options

Sometimes, you may want a second opinion simply because you feel rushed or unwelcome to discuss your findings. Other times, you just have a hunch that you need another dentist for reassurance. Whatever the reason, we welcome you to our office for a second opinion at no cost. Our objective is to ensure you feel comfortable ahead of your treatment. 

What to expect during your second opinion appointment 

Expect a comfortable, relaxed appointment in our office. After getting to know you, we’ll start by reviewing your X-rays and the diagnosis made. Based on these, we will review the recommended treatment options and give our opinion. Sometimes, we may ask you to hang on to the proposed treatment plan and compare it with our recommendations to make an informed decision.

Once we provide our opinion, don’t feel pressured to have the treatment done in our office. Many times, when we agree with the treatment plan provided by the current dentist, we advise patients to return to the original dentist for the procedure. However, if you want to join our dental family, we would be delighted to welcome you.

Find peace of mind with a second opinion dentist near me

Doubting your treatment or diagnosis? We are ready to give you a free, honest second opinion without pushy treatments. Please call (215) 792-2227 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Skovron.

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